Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fatina, from Tower of Druaga Courtesy of Alter

Holy hot girl batman, this is Fatina from the anime series Tower of Druaga made by Alter. She's due sometime in July, and you can bet your pants that I've already pre-ordered her from HobbyLink Japan. I've tried to make a rule about figures lately, especially since I'm broke: I can only pick up figures if (1) they are super hot chicks with big weapons and (2) if I know where they come I've dedicated the past couple of days scouring the world wide web for episodes to this "acclaimed" fantasy anime series.

Well, I'm about half way through first run of the show, and with the exception for the random and pittifully wasteful first episode (minus the funny parody of Fatina's encounter with the giant tentacle monster), its definitley 'watchable'. I find myself more interested as Jil and his crew climb higher through the tower. I'm not too sure what all the buzz was about, 'cept for the sweet animation, but it seems like your run of the mill dungeon game made into an anime. But I guess I can't help but watching each new episode, and I definitly like watching out for Fatina considering my new found obsession with Alter's version of her.
Over at http:// you can find a ton of great pics of Fatina. Below is one from Akiba Hobby's site:

She looks pretty bad-ass, what do you think?

You can pre-order her at Hobby Link Japan, and before April 5th you get a 5% discount ^^

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