Friday, May 8, 2009

Fasalina by Max Factory

Allow me to introduce the HOTTEST chick ever created for an anime, Fasalina. She hails as a member of the Original Seven led by the Claw from the show GunXSword. The hottest part about Fasalina, save for the fact she's an ex-stipper-mecha rider, is that she's a baddie and the Claw's #1 femme fatale. She seduces and kicks a ton of ass, and I knew the moment she was made into plastic I had to get her.

This little beauty is courtesy of Max Factory, and boy did they do her justice. They managed to capture every bit of Fasalina's sensuality into this 1/8 scale figure. Her character design is intriguing and I really like the color choices; the black and purple contrast adds a nice bright and colorful addition to my collection. She wears a pretty odd beaded necklace and Max Factory accurately re-created it. This little detail is fantastic, the beads are suspended on a short wire and able to move freely.
Her pose is really something, and is sure to turn just about everyone on. The most obvious display of her sensuality are her breasts that are snugly hugging her pole.

When I saw the solicitation for the figure waaay back when, I must admit I was really excited about her design. She never did this in the anime, so I was totally on board with her blatant sexual statement. I do, however, have a problem with the execution of the design. If Fasalina suffers from anything, it would certainly be awkawrd angles. When looking at her straight on, her left breast is severely pushed up, and looks odd and out of place especially when compared to her lower one. Its as if she has two beach balls for breasts, one is filled to the max while the other is deflated bit.

In order to avoid this, she must be displayed at a specific angle. On another note, it was pretty difficult to insert her pole between her assets.

The pole is cut in two, and fits together with a peg on one end and a hole on the other. The lower half of the pole was the hardest to push up between the cleavage, so word to the wise: be firm but delicate to the pole while inserting it

Aside from the sex factor, her face is absolutely beautiful. I love the drooping eyes, and as a viewer I'm not too sure if this is a moment of absolute pleasure or sorrow...but whatever emotion she's experiencing, sign me up! I'm hers.

Although Fasalina is a beauty, like I said above, she does suffer a bit from awkward angles. One thing that is most noticeably awkward is her two hair tendrils that flow in different directions. I absolutely love her long flowing hair, in fact the movement is spectacular and her right hair tendril works in tandem with the back end...But her left tendril is looks terrible when viewing her straight.
At a side shot, it doesn't appear to be that offensive, but when viewing her directly straight on, the two hair pieces remind of bull horns...awkwardly mismatched.

See how her face changes depending on the angle?

Her kneeling pose is a nice addition to the forest of standing figures that I have in my collection.
Fasalina comes with a circular blue base, reminiscent of the blue liquid-like substance within her mecha that she rides.
Fasalina can also remove her skirt, revealing one of the hottest asses I've ever seen on a figure.
More great booty shots ^^
How about those thigh-highs? Damn hot.

Fasalina is definitely not the girl that you want to take home to meet mom, but she'll definitely try her hand at riding your pole. ^^ Aside from the occasional weird angle, this figure is really amazing and beautiful. If you're a fan of the series and have some $$$, I wouldn't hesitate to try and locate Fasalina down. And, if sexy kneeling girls with giant ta-ta's snuggled tightly to a giant pole do it for you, I'd say you won't be sorry to get her. Her pose is very dynamic and stands out in my collection. Her pole is really long and adds a nice thrill to the figure. I would have to say that her backside is probably my favorite, and being an ass-man I definitely would rate hers a 10. Along with the nice detail and clean lines, her colors are vibrant and contrasts well with each other.

Figure: Fasalina
Series: GunXSword
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Sculptor: Masato Kitade
Scale: 1/8 Pre-Painted PVC
Release Date: October 2007